Art in Gloucester

Explore the rich artistic heritage of Gloucester, MA.

Gloucester, Massachusetts, a historic maritime town known for its rich artistic heritage, offers visitors an unparalleled experience of art and culture.

As you stroll through the downtown and harborfront areas, you'll come across a diverse range of public art that tells the story of the city's past and present. Come along as we take you on a journey along the HarborWalk, introducing you to some of the most iconic and captivating public artworks that make Gloucester a must-visit destination for art enthusiasts.

Discover the Rich Artistic Heritage of Gloucester

Exploring the public artwork in Gloucester's downtown and harborfront areas is an enriching experience that offers visitors a glimpse into the city's rich artistic heritage and vibrant community. Whether you are an art aficionado or simply enjoy strolling through picturesque landscapes, the HarborWalk promises an unforgettable journey through Gloucester's past and present.

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Harborwalk Arts

The Iconic Fisherman at the Wheel

A symbol of Gloucester's maritime history, the Fisherman at the Wheel statue, also known as the “Man at the Wheel” or “Gloucester Fisherman's Memorial,” stands tall on the city's waterfront. This bronze statue pays tribute to the thousands of fishermen who have lost their lives at sea and serves as a powerful reminder of the city's connection to the ocean.

Fishermen's Wives Memorial

Located at the entrance of Stacy Boulevard, the Fishermen's Wives Memorial is a poignant tribute to the women who have supported their husbands and families through the trials and tribulations of the fishing industry. The life-size bronze sculpture of a woman holding her children and gazing out to sea captures the resilience and strength of these women.

Joan of Arc Statue

The Joan of Arc statue, erected in 1921, commemorates the French heroine and her ties to Gloucester's fishing industry. This bronze equestrian statue symbolizes the courage and determination that have become synonymous with the city's spirit.

Fitz Henry Lane Monument

Fitz Henry Lane, a renowned American marine painter, was born and raised in Gloucester. The monument dedicated to him showcases a bronze relief depicting one of his most famous paintings, “Gloucester Harbor.” This work of art is a testament to his love for the city and its maritime history.

WPA-Era Murals at City Hall and Sawyer Free Library

As part of the Works Progress Administration (WPA) art program during the Great Depression, talented artists created intricate murals that adorn the walls of Gloucester's City Hall and Sawyer Free Library. These murals depict scenes from the city's past, including the fishing industry, shipbuilding, and local legends.

Contemporary Photography and Street Art

Throughout Gloucester’s downtown and harborfront areas, you'll find contemporary photography and street art that add a modern touch to the city's artistic landscape. These works reflect Gloucester's vibrant community and ongoing commitment to supporting local artists.

Gloucester HarborWalk Public Art Challenge

The Committee for the Arts (CFTA), on behalf of the City of Gloucester, has commissioned installations by winners of the Gloucester HarborWalk Public Art Challenge. These innovative and engaging artworks enhance the HarborWalk experience and showcase the talent of local and regional artists.